What to say to break the ice – ARTICLE

Intros are opening lines.

What you say can open a world of possibilities.

Here are some possible directions with examples:

· Paying a compliment:

o “Nice shirt!”

o “Hey! Someone who does not look lost!”

· Teasing

o “Are you flirting with me?!”

· Invitation

o “I’m heading for the bar. Want a drink?”

o “I have a spare ticket for the concert on Saturday.”

· Asking for an opinion

o “So, what do think of this party?”

o “Do you think these tomatoes are ripe?”

· Practical info

o “Any idea when the show is starting?”

· Asking for practical help

o “Any idea how this thing works?” (trying to get to answer a text message on your cell phone)

· Asking for feed back

o “Margarita or Dry Martini, what fits better tonight?”

· Being interested

o “I heard you just come back from Australia…”

· Sharing an opinion

o “I really like Salsa”

· Etc