Once you have your confidence base + body language + tone of voice in check, you are ready to go.
The best way to engage into a conversation with a woman is to tease her or use an opinion opener.
If you see her at a club with a drink:
  • “Are you drinking that? That’s a killer! – You’ll need someone to take you home if you have two of those in a row! – Glad I came to the rescue before it’s too late”
That’s a teasing line.
If she is chatting with her friends:
  • “You girls seem to know exactly where to go shopping… I am looking for a nice store for men’s clothes but really could not find anything as exciting as what you wear – Do you always wear black or do you like colors too?”
That’s an opinion opener.
The best is to have a couple of ideas ready when you go out.
Start opening sets and connect!
Don’t fix your attention on just one woman or a group of girls. Chat for a couple of minutes, get a phone number if you want to and move on to the next set.
It is rare for a girl to be by herself. So you’ll often need to open a set of 2 or 3 girls and first relate to them as a group.
Once you establish a connection you can focus more on the girl you are more interested to.
What happens next?