What you feel is that stream of excitement

What you feel is that stream of excitement. It touches your whole being and you suddenly know what you want…

You know about your desires and on top of that, you know where to find them and express them. This is a radiant force which you can’t stop because it is your essence, your spirit, your destiny and it is where you want to be!!!

It is in your line of evolution to wake up to that reality from within and expand in radiance and freedom and on top of that, you know where you can find that!!! This force is freeing you!!

You recognize it from within as the essence fo your being and nothing and noone can stop it now.

Connect with what your intuition is telling you and follow the stream of excitement because that stream will lead you to great discoveries!!!

It is a flow of passion which gives meaning to your life through fun and delight.

You know the meaning of these words. You recognize an essence you have been looking for. This is the magic step, the magicdesire within your being, the place wher you want to be, the place where you want to live and you recognize those who can help you with that. You know as well how you can expand along that line, how you can be even freer. It is by caring for those you love, it is by flowing with your life in streams of sympathy, passion, power and gentleness.

Your life is open and illimited.

Your radiating being expands with delight and your recognize where exactly you want to be.