What’s a suppressive tactic? – ARTICLE

A suppressive weight loss tactic is an approach in which you try to suppress your natural needs and desires!

You try to force your body’s response!

You deny the hunger signals!

You try to suppress them using your will power!

Doing that is like trying to stop a mountain torrential stream with your bare hands!

It usually works for a while!

You need LOTS of will power!

It requires you to stay totally focused and motivated for extended periods of time.

The problem is that you eventually run out of will power!

You run out of motivation juice!

Trying to suppress hunger is too much effort and eventually your hunger instincts win!

You are flooded by needs you can no longer stop and you get back to the old habits in no time.

If you check in your social circle, you will see the same pattern being repeated over and over again!

It is this yo-yo dieting effect that so many people face.

They try one diet, have short term success, fall back, try another one and so on.

You know that, right? Maybe that’s something you faced yourself.