Why create synergy – TIP

The word synergy contains the root ideas of synchronized and energy.

This is an essential clue!

When you build synergy, you collaborate rather than compete.

You build synergy in your team or with the people you interact with!

If you observe the way teams work, you will frequently see that a big amount of time and energy is spent dealing with conflicting interests and competitive patterns within the team.

This energy which is wasted is precious!

Usually, the real competition is out there in other businesses.

If your team wastes time in internal conflicting patterns, the performance of your business and quality of your products ultimately suffers!

This is why it is so essential to create a frictionless business where internal conflicting interests are wiped out.

Is this possible?

Of course!

You can simply aim at raising the efficiency of your team from x% to 80% – 100%.

This is the target!