Why is there so much violence? – It doesn’t make sense! – ARTICLE

Here area couple of ideas on this topic:

Violence and anger are part of what we can call the destructive cycle.

Anything which happens on the planet is related with one of these three aspects: creation, preservation or destruction.

It is the cycle of life, birth and death.

Violence, anger or destruction are part of the death process of something.

When someone is violent, the message they send out is:

“I want to break open new doors and the only way I can do that is by forcing my way through. I feel like a volcano ready to explode and I don’t know what else to do with this energy”

You can think that this person is wrong or guilty but the truth is that nature is creating this reaction.

This does not justify violence or anger.

It simply explains the underlying dynamics behind a violent reaction.

It is a rebellion against a fixed set of energies.

Any form of anger or violence is related with the break through of energy.

It’s like someone trying to create space in their mind, body or around them.

Is this a good thing?

Does it justify violence?

Of course not.

It is better however to find out what is going on.

When violence erupts somewhere, there is always a cause or a reason.

You can try to put the lid on this, but it works better to understand what the underlying message is.

The death or destructive part of the human cycle is part of nature. It is part of life.

It won’t disappear.

What can be changed is the way “this death cycle” is expressed.

For instance, when you want to move forward in your life, it is common to take some old pictures and tear them apart.

By doing so, you create space and free energy in your mind.

When something or someone feels like they are going to explode, the best is to give them a channel of expression.

For instance, competing on a soccer field is the reflection of the competitive spirit between nations, regions or villages.

500 years ago, these nations might have gone to war.

Nowadays, soccer is the way most nations channel their competitive spirit.

New rules, new games.

If it wasn’t for soccer or other sporting events between nations, the amount of war and violence could be much higher, right?

The best way to stop the proliferation of gangs in the suburbs of the Bronx is to bring kids to express their creative power in another way.

The moment you channel this break through force in other directions and give them chances to succeed, anyone would take other alternatives.

People turn to violence when they feel trapped.

They turn to violence when they feel there is no other alternative or when they are simply used to respond in that way.

If they were born in a violent environment, they will naturally reproduce these patterns.

So, what to do?

The first step is to understand how anger and violence work in your own system and around you.

Once you understand the dynamics of conflicting energies in and around you, and find ways of transmuting them, you solve the violence dilemma within a “microcosm”: your life.

Once you are good at it, you can expand these skills and start influencing other people.

If you see conflicts erupting at work for instance, you can play the role of a mediator and find ways of bringing back peace.

Long term solutions involve of course political action.

Governments work at this all the time.

Humankind evolves in the right direction.

It takes time to shift such patterns.

Eventually self destructive human behaviors can be redirected in more constructing ways.

This does not mean that the renewal (destructive) force of nature stops.

It is simply channeled in a different way.