Why you can get hurt – ARTICLE

There are two key qualities which manifest in dating:

Love and power.

Everyone knows about the love side.

When you get hurt, it is because you miss the power side.

Power is what protects your mind space.

Power gives you limits, boundaries and effective strategies to face any dating situation.

You want extra power to face any dating challenge.

The goal is simple: Stay master of your life.

You can get hurt by men!

Not because of love but because of the underlying power dynamics.

· You can give too much and not get enough in return.

· You can be “attacked” or challenged by other women or the community you live in.

· You can get rejected.

· You can expect too much.

· etc.

There are dozens of dating situation which can attack your self worth.

The goal is to go into dating armed with the right tools.

You don’t want to kill the magic!

Love stays the center.

However, you want to ad this extra quality of power and awareness to make sure that your dating ground is secured.

This is what makes the difference.

The moment you feel safe and have a strategy for any situation, you simply enjoy it more!

This is the true secret!

More power gives you more pleasure.

You can relax!

You can stay master of your emotions, play with them, rather than being the slave of them.

This makes a huge difference.

Your love life is there to be enjoyed!

You want pleasure!

You want fun!

You want intimacy!

Dating and love are sacred aspects of your life.

You want the right skills to protect them.

Use your power and your invisible weapons to make sure that these essential aspects of your existence are protected.

Be a warrior if you have to.