It is that simple!

If your power level is low compared with her, she is turned off.

If you are higher or equal, she is turned on.

Attraction is not a rational decision.

It is not something she mentally controls.

It is totally instinctual.

Sometimes, a woman will say:

“You are not my type”

“I am not ready to date anyone right now”

“I have a boyfriend”

And still fall for you.

You know that!

You feel it!

The reason she falls for you is because you trigger specific attraction buttons in her and she responds to them whether she likes it or not.

In fact she likes it of course.

The biochemicals which are released in her brain when she feels attraction create pleasure.

They create a chain reaction of emotional excitement.

That’s what every woman wants to feel.

Your role as a guy is to be the catalyst for these reactions.