Here are some key mistakes you can make when flirting.

Stay away from these to give your love life a real kick

  • Being a space invader. Being pushy. Going too fast. Being loud.

Stay subtle with flirting. It is an art. It is play. Listen to a guy’s limits. Be aware of his personal space. Give him the opportunity to respond on his own time.

  • Letting rejection stop you

Sometimes a man won’t respond to your invitation. It is fine. Don’t let rejection stop you. It is only a hurdle. If you notice that rejection is systematic (more than half of the times) do something about your flirting strategy. There could be something in the way you approach men which is a turn off. Make it your priority number one to find out what it is and how to do it better.

  • Being unprepared

Flirting is a natural instinct. However, you often need to wake it up in you. Train your flirting skills. It is like learning a couple of steps on the dance floor. Once you own all the right moves, it gives you immense confidence and makes you 100% ready for success.

  • Sounding needy or desperate

If what you say sounds anywhere close to “I can’t live without you” guys run away! It is simply too much for them. Imagine: having the responsibility to make you happy for ever without even knowing you.