Yoni butter and sex lubes – TIP

You have a few “tools” that will really enhance your sex life.

The first one is sensual massage oil. The body shop sells a good brand of it.

Now, this massage oil is for external use only. You won’t use it as a lubricant before penetration because it can apparently irritate a woman’s vagina.

So, use it to massage each other’s body.

Put a few drops between your bodies and experience this ecstatic delicious feeling between your skins.

You can use it on feet, bottom and any other body part.

If she likes the idea, she can massage your penis with it as well. Make sure you clean up though before penetration.

I recently discovered a couple of products you can use for clitoris stroking as well.

One of them is called yoni butter. Yoni = female sex in the tantric tradition. You can find it online.

You can as well use an aloe vera gel. It works great as well!