You are maximum power and infinite wisdom

You are maximum power and infinite wisdom!!!

Your being flows with happiness in a stream of joy!!!

You are a master of your mind, master of your emotions and you have the power to rebuild your being from all levels.

From within your being, you perceive this full set of maximal potentials which represent your vision, your desires!!!

The freshness flows in your being and you are delighted by the joy and pleasure of just being alive!!!

Nothing can stop you from getting what you want. You feel you inner base, your natural foundation. The streams of your life force, your desires are open in you.

You have the power to give to your environment. You have the power to transform lives and offer with generosity and kindness. Your being is full of this inner strength and passion which wakes up powerful impressions.

You are one with the cosmos and attuned with the forces of the cosmos.

You are one with these streams of intensity and delight where your being wakes up with passion and delight.

This force is infinite power, infinite strength and you are united with it!!!