You are now free from external influences

You are now free from external influences. Your being is rising to a new reality, a new internal and external freedom which opens spaces of joy and happiness. This inner force is extremely powerful and creates space in and around you.

Your being is singing with joy of this new awakening feeling. Your life seems suddenly to open up to new dimensions of exhilarating happiness. You are free to move, to act to behave.

Any form of limitations are gone.

You feel a protective space around you. This protective aura is a stream of infinite passion which creates a stream of life force in your being. You are free now to move forward, expand in your life and finally perform the destiny to be born to experience. Your life is being touched by a magic wand and space opens up grandiose, ecstatic, beautiful!

You are free and shining in a stream of infinite joy. Empowered to your new potentials, you feel this incredible force inside yourself. You fell now the role you can play in life. You perceive this very unique potential inside yourself and there is only one exciting desire in you. Feel the joy, the beauty of being alive and express the dynamic life force of your inner being and inner joy.