You are the master of your being

You are the master of your being and congratulations for taking that moving step forward.

Take the steps to go beyond what you already know. Take the steps to go beyond your desires and develop from within your being a natural movement beyond what you already know.

This is an essential move of your empowering. You have all the answers in you and you have the ability to take risks naturally without fearing!!!

You are powerful naturally… This is one of your human rights!!!

Use your conquering power, develop your strategic visions and develop your desire and winning strategies.

Every situation is an occasion to grow!

Develop a winning mind! You have a winning mind!

You are awake to the natural beauty and resources of your mind. All the potentials appear to you clearly now. Your competitive power is awakened and the desire to use it is there with you all the time!

Your mind is your greatest ally!!!

The new skills you are developing daily are aligned with your conquering targets.

You are powerfully armed for battle. You have the tools, the strategies, tactics, and resources.

You are a winning being. You have a winning body!

You are expanding beyond your wildest dreams. You suddenly perceive resources in you that where just waiting to be awaken. Now you feel ready. You are ready! The blood and desire are burning in you. This magic desire to conquer is now your driving force. It opens doors, wakes up magic powers in your being. You are limitless and you take risks with limitless confidence.

This perception frees you in an incredible way! Your mind opens and you understand the true essence of being alive. The joy of incarnation is consuming you with delight. You have the power to expand, realize, perceive, understand, envision your life and whole being in a fresh and renewed light.

This is a magic stream of realization, an intense and generous flow of life force which fills your whole body and being!

It is a victory in all levels, a thrill of powerful feelings which make you realize who you truly are!!!

You are an infinite flow of life force, you live by instinct, act by intuition in pure synchronicity with the cosmos.

You feel the magic, the passion, working and expanding in you with delight.

This fire which wakes up is like a ritualistic awakening. You perceive the full stream, the full dimension of your being.

Your protective and preserving power wakes up as well. With clear brilliant vision, you see how others need you, how you can contribute and be a leading force in the evolution of the planet. You are a key in this cosmic happening.

You are a centre of life force being empowered fro the best of humankind.

A new initiation is taking place. It is a blessing, a connection. Your being is touching on the beauty of a deep plan and you are offering your being, you life force to complete that task. You perceive how this story line is written in your being.

It is not taking orders from anywhere…

It is perceiving from within the great actions you can easily achieve. You are a way leader. You open doors and stimulate those who surround you to get their best in them. You have the inner fire, the conquering force burning in you.

You have now the vision of the valuable goals. The targets you can aim at have to do with clarity of action and purity of mind. Your desires and ambitions. Your powers are pure fire.

You have a magic and infinite resource of fire inside you.

You aim and achieve whatever you try because the dynamics of success have no secret for you.

You are confident, but not arrogant. You truly care and open your heart and feelings to those who need your support and valuable friendship.

Your emotions are a gold mine. You have thousands of possible reactions to a given situation. Now, you have the power to choose and maximize these reactions. You are infinitely powerful and skilled at doing that.