You have been a life saver! – FEEDBACK

Another success story. This one is from Greg in the US:


I have been listening to the mp3 files all day and I have to say that so far you have been a life saver!
I had been with my girlfriend for about 8 months and I love her very much, so when she broke up with me for space and other personal reasons, you can imagine my devastation. I did all of the things that I am know learning that I shouldn’t have. Begging for her to try again, convincing her that we belong together, always appearing needy to her.
Now I am becoming armed with the tools that I need to beat this. It has been about 2 weeks since she broke up with me and it has been extremely difficult, but I found your book just in time.
I am already applying the strategies and I feel better about the whole thing. It is my hope that your book and mp3 files will help me along with this battle.

Anyway, thank you for the e-book.

And I may be contacting you for some live sessions.

Thank you again”

Greg Marx – US

Well done, Greg. You’re definitely on the right track

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