You realize that something else essential is about to happen

You realize that something else essential is about to happen. It is an awakening move inside your being. It is the waking up of an ancient emotion in you.

Something which connects you to a very precious essence in your being.

Wake up to that reality and let the stream of excitement and passion take you! You suddenly realize who you truly are and the joy and beauty of this experience is absolutely totally thrilling.

You feel you connection with you inner being expanding with passion and greatness. You feel it inside like a ray of sunshine and fire, an explosion of joy which moves you forward on the line of inner empowerment.

You feel the power of that stream. You know a volcano is waking up in you, and it’s an incredible experience to feel this force rising from the core of your being. You are united and extremely excited by that force. You know now about an infinite force, a power from within which recognizes your being. It is a blissful force, a power which moves you forward and opens doors of beauty and inner refinement in your being.