You simply surrender to that force

You simply surrender to that force. You are taken to a place of prayer where the inner smile wakes up with beauty. It is an inner force which develops from within bringing a pure sensation of delight in your whole life.

You wake up to these new feelings, these new flows of intimacy. It is an inner communion with your spirit and you suddenly realize the mission which is in your hands.

It is a magical stream of life force. This peace is powerful, invading your whole space. It takes over your being, bringing harmony in all areas of your being. It is a powerful signal that things are on the move for you.

Your life is shifting to a new place of awareness. A greater intelligence touches you. A new path opens up in human history. It is a path of grace and the targets are evolving fast. Human consciousness wakes up to a new dimension and so do you.

It is a dimension of peace, where the energy of love permeates all life on this planet. This life force is a powerful new sensation, like a wind from paradise or the cosmos.

It invades your life and creates a new order for things. A new plan, a new design of what life will be is being drawn in front of your eyes.