You touch on your inner desires to just succeed, be stronger

You touch on your inner desires to just succeed, be stronger. This rising force is what drives you in life and you start awakening to who you are inside and who you could be. Your mind feels the freshness of a pure breeze and your whole consciousness starts awakening to some reality you never perceived before.

The radiance you feel inside you is brain new. It is a flow of life force, a new expression of your inner nature which you canโ€™t stop.

This awakening is magical and intense. It is a radiant flow of beauty that wakes up your whole being.

The desire to connect now to that force is becoming stronger. Something in you starts searching, waking up to the feeling there is something out there waiting for you.

You are waiting for a sign, looking for it inside and outside. It creates this restless feeling. It is time for this something special to happen.

There are new steps which you can take, something you can do you did not think off before. In fact you just start realizing that the door is open, you simply did not see it was open. You can actually step through that door without risk. There is this feeling of inner trust which nothing can challenge. You are confident now with the direction you are taking, the place where you want to be. The desire grows now so strong that you can hardly wait to take the step.

You truly want to connect, expand your being towards that reality and conquer a space inside yourself, the space of your mind, and develop that magical understanding of how you function.

The need and the call, the desire to connect is growing stronger, more powerful. It is a stream, a call, a growing force with which you just want to merge.