You want to flirt! – ARTICLE

Flirting is “innocent”.

It is the foreplay to relationships.

It is open.

It is freeing.

Flirting is your way of connecting to men.

It means showing interest while staying emotionally free.

There is no sense of control, relationship or committed dating associated with it.

This is why you can keep on flirting.

You can flirt with many men.

You can stay open.

There is no taboo around it.

Make it a play.

Make it an exciting game.

Smiling to a man does not mean that you give him your life.

It means one thing: a smile! That’s all!

A smile is an exchange of life force.

When you smile to a man, you give him a message.

This message can be powerful and subtle at the same time.

However, you are not committing to anything by doing that.

You stay in charge of your life and simply say: “hey, here is a gift for you…”

Many “work place flirts” are confused for serious relationships.

80% of the contacts you have with men could remain on the flirting ground.

Only a very small proportion of these could turn into serious dating or even relationship.

The good part of flirting is that it is non committed.

You are and stay free.

If you have a great evening at a social event and share a couple of smiles with a man you like, you can either built up on that and follow up on this experience, or you can enjoy it for what it is and let go.

When you let go, you stay emotionally free. This is the art of playing with your flirting skills.

Flirting can give you immense pleasure and validation from men.

It stays on the non-exclusive ground.

This is why it is so exciting: it feeds you with love and romance in a very innocent way.

You can play with that.

You need to put up clear boundaries though.

You want to give guys direct signals when they come too close.

Dare to educate them if they cross the line in any way.

Be firm with your attitude.

Stronger boundaries give you the power for greater intimacy when you want to.