"Your audio on the "First Breakup Trap" is just awesome"

Exciting success story from Toby in the US:


I needed to thank you for your e-book, and especially the audio files. I bought your package on “Getting your power back after breakups – For men” last Sunday. My girlfriend broke up last Saturday and I was searching for help the next day.

I listen to your audio files in the car going to work, at work, coming home from work, and while I am falling asleep!

Right now the hardest part for me is the “Need to call her” feeling. Your audio file on the “First Breakup Trap” is just awesome for when I feel this. I understand now, and it gives me strength knowing that she will see me as “Needy” and “Wanting”.

You can’t imagine how many times I play that segment over, and over again. I want her to see me having the power. I want her to think of me as confident and sure of who and what I am.
That one audio file has been worth every penny I paid!!

Again, thank you so much for showing me what she is feeling during this time, and what really triggered this breakup.

I will admit, it is still hurts, but I am quickly getting my power back.

Thanks again, I will keep listening to your MP3’s and gaining back my strength and power. You have truly helped me regain my sanity!!”

Toby Cobb – US

You’re welcome Toby!

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