Your being recovers this very deep feeling of peace

Your being recovers this very deep feeling of peace.

It is a flow you can’t stop. It invades your being with its full power, bringing harmony in all aspects of your life.

It is a movement you can’t stop, you can’t dissolve. It permeates your life, your surroundings, your whole activities and desires. You suddenly wake up to a new feeling, a new being. Life appears to take a new color. It permeates the very essence of your life and brings forwards waves of infinite freedom. This is like a flow of life force which you recognize from within as the place where you have to be.

You are surrounded by impressions you never felt before.

Your life is changing to a new place, a new ground. You suddenly recognize a new essence, a new desire in your being which build up like a wave of life force. It is a wave of wellness and harmony.