Your life is shifting, suddenly evolving fast

Your life is shifting, suddenly evolving fast. All the questions you were having are suddenly dissolving and your mind is clearing up mysteriously.

You feel this tremendous inner trust of what is going on and you realize that you have been taking the right steps.

Now life is opening in the most magical and surprising ways. Your whole being perceives the rise of a fresh reality which gives you the power to achieve your dreams and your desires.

At the same time, you feel this growing connection with a planetary reality, a source of energy that you never perceived before. This is a true awakening, a sudden boost of life force and vision about the present and the future. Your mind is flooded with ideas and clear plans. Your inspiration starts flowing like never before and it is an exhilarating feeling.

You know that action is the key to it all.

Connecting with people and following your natural instincts and inner desires.

You want to act to bring your dream into reality. You perceive a way, a flow which guides you to take all the right steps. Your being is waking up to a new perception which is an intuitive feeling of beauty about your life. It is immensely subtle and calls for inner great respect.

You discover and feel beauty in and around you and realize that part of your task is to protect this beauty in and around you.

This step is an empowering step. It increases your radiance and your life success.

Within that context everything becomes clearer and you can see clearly what your responsibilities are as a human being.

Not of what you see is limiting.

On the contrary.

It is freeing. It is opening. Nothing in that source of inspiration wants to limit your life flow. You are excited by life and by what the future is bringing forward to you.