Your main purpose in life is to be happy

Your main purpose in life is to be happy.

I order you from within to open yourself to happiness. You have no choice but to respond to that stream. This life force takes you powerfully in a stream of joy and happiness. You are overwhelmed by this feeling and decide today to let go of anything which was holding you back.

From now on, you take this inner decision, this inner commitment to yourself to break that pattern, delete any doubts and live in a space of radiant trust and happiness.

Your being is filled with incredible feelings of power and positivism. You rise to an incredible level of inner happiness and delight.

Your inner power is expanding with great speed. Your being is rising to magic places and you are now taking the step.

I have the power to make you shift your mind. You decide today to walk with me and dedicate your life to this stream which I am offering you.

Your being is immensely powerful and gaining power and stability as we speak.

This expansion of power is a magic feeling and you decide now to be in charge of it.

You have the tools to master your emotions and decide what is happening there. You start waking up to that potential and consciously start moving towards that reality.

You feel the power to make it happen. Happiness is something you know you can build consciously. You want to create freedom inside yourself. You know now that you can’t avoid it. This is from the very depth of your being what you want. What you always wanted. Happiness is a choice and you know that. You want it now. You know this is your destiny and you can’t wait to put it into practice.

You are the master of your existence, the master of your life, the master of your destiny and you decide today to take that magic step.

Your being is filled with that magic power which grows from within. This is the true power, the true response that you were waiting for. This is the missing link! You are in charge. You are the designer of your life, the architect of your existence.

Your being is waking up to that magic sensation and you know now that nothing and nobody can stop you!

You have the power of a warrior, the strength of your inner survival instincts.

From within, it is a whole stream of life force which is waking up now in your being and you know that this is what you want.

Nobody and nothing can stop you now because you took that decision. You know now what you want and realize that nothing can stop you from creating this high level of magic you want to generate.

You know your power, your inner strength. You know that you are a winner!!!

You take that decision today and you feel now suddenly what your task is. You want to be a winning mind. You are a winning mind. Nothing and nobody can stop you now because you can feel that reality and that support from within.

Your being is expanding in waves of sudden realization. You are now limitless and receive from within the gifts of this inner determination.

You know what you want. You know who you are and nobody can now or ever in the future limit your being.

You know now that you get the inner support and the