Your strategy – ARTICLE

Imagine going to battle without a strategy.

You can have infinite resources. Unless you use them wisely, it is all for nothing.

A river won’t break a stone wall.

To manifest your destiny line you need extra will power, determination and effective strategies.

How do you design a strategy?

You can sit in front of your desk for two years in an “abstract” world.

It won’t work.

The way you learn is by trial and error.

Test your ideas.

Test them often.

If you have a plan, do a reality check!

Take small steps and learn by trying.

Experience is what matters.

You need to try and experiment.

A strategy is not an abstract plan disconnected from reality.

A strategy is a design you create on the field by trying and experimenting.

You take small steps and learn from your experiences.

An experience becomes a mistake only if you keep repeating it without learning from it.

Can you see how it works?