My name is Shiva Rajaya (Francisco Bujan). I am your coach and the creator of VITAL COACHING

I design solution driven strategies to help individuals master their core challenges


Born in Switzerland from Spanish parents, I was in academic research in the field of Earth Sciences before shifting to 12 years of full time spiritual training with various masters and mystery schools.

After completing that cycle, I launched VITAL COACHING and VITAL TANTRA in 2002 which have been my focus since then.

Im totally dedicated to the awakening and upgrading of the planet and humankind! I am in complete service to forces that are much vaster than myself.


A session with me is a solid safe space to drop in and receive focused targeted support on the core challenges you face right now.

I have been successfully coaching men, women, couples and groups in mastering and optimizing various aspects of their lives.

I am a professional coach since 2002, helped hundreds of clients in their life mastery journey. I am direct, clear and raw. I go straight to the point and make it real and specific for you. No vague strategies here.

I want to make sure that your life is blasted with fresh energy after you sign up for sessions with me. It takes courage to step into this field and I want to be right here for you, offering you the best you can access. I look forward to be an inspiring force in your life! To you power!


Because of 20 years of experience helping hundreds of individuals like you! I’m a passionate about unveiling and delivering direct solutions that you can implement straight away in your daily life.

  • I help you show up!
  • Optimize your days!
  • Move faster!
  • Simplify!
  • Activate your truth!
  • Unleash your untapped energy!
  • Activate your mission!
  • Claim your sovereignty!
  • Design healthy relationships!
  • Wake up your power
  • Be the leader of your reality!
  • And so much more!


I specialize in life mastery for men, women, couples and groups, developing online programs, video and audio series, dozens of books and articles, high energy live events and power kick one on one sessions.

My favorite expert topics are coupling mastery, male awakening, shakti activation, spiriual power, designing new evolutionary codes for humankind, vital force techniques, tantric sex codes, and much more.

My teachings are organized in the VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING systems, coherent awakening pathways to lead you to optimize and master every aspect of your life.


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