Spiritual targets


Coaching works with targets. This is where we start in a coaching session. By first defining what is the goal, the target

Here are some of the key targets which are widely used in the spiritual field. When you start developing your spiritual skills and expand your awareness. You'll often connect with one of these "target stream", sometimes even without being aware of it.


These are the common side effects of spiritual practices. An overwhelming feeling of joy. Expanded feeling of love for other and the whole of creation. Happiness, etc.

Magic powers

At this stage, this field is slightly "taboo" in the spiritual development field. Masters like Sai Baba are said to be able to manifest objects, manipulate energies at will. We enter here in the field of miracles.

Most spiritual masters and spiritual teachings do not focus on magical powers because they see them as side effects of spiritual development rather than valuable targets.

As this subject is extremely controversial, we won't really go into it here.

Material Goals

Again, a very controversial area. Is it ethically correct to search material wealth on the spiritual development path? The modern "prosperity" trend goes with recognizing the "spiritual value" of money. Prosperity is a lot about learning to see and deal with money as an energy. It is as well the art of removing blockages and negative patterns sometimes associated with material wealth.


Next time your child asks you about the meaning of life, you could have no problem giving a clear and direct answers.

Developing spiritual knowledge has a lot to do with intuition. In the spiritual field, you might hear terms like knowledge by touch.


This is where if often starts. You establish some form of discipline or practice in your life and from there, your life starts changing, you develop awareness, connect to inner peace, increase your life power, etc. Some form of discipline is often be the first step of spiritual training.


Another valuable desire: feel connected with life, the planet and beyond.

Action - Life force

Have you ever felt like truly connecting with someone? You meet this perfect stranger and within a couple of minutes, you feel like something special happens. This kind of magic can happen quite often. It is inspiring. It is a frictionless flow of energy. It can happen in any field or aspect of our existence.

In these magic moments life feels complete. It is often associated with a feeling of pleasure or joy. There is clarity. There is awareness.

In coaching terms, we often say: "be superconductive to life". This superconductivity means removing mind obstacles, fears and simply going for life.


These targets are organization targets. Spiritual movements and religions have a natural need to expand, the same way a business does.

In a way, a spiritual organization has its own agenda, which can be very different than the individual's goals.

There are quite a few ethical considerations to assess when going that way. This is a very controversial area, so we won't go into it here.

Here are a couple of examples of organizations which seem to have handled successfully the "marketing" of their ideas: www.sedona.com , www.thework.org

The area of organizations is on the edge of business coaching. The goal in this case is to create a frictionless, effective organization.

World action

World action comes from a sense of responsibility. The creation of the United Nations for instance is said to have been inspired from very "high spheres" of human consciousness. The UN's ultimate goal is world peace.

Similar actions involve for instance the coming together of most spiritual leaders.

Another type of actions are the "modern social marketing" trends which state that to be marketed a product must respect a few key ethical laws and be aligned for instance with the well being of those who created it. No child labor. No animal experimentation of cosmetic products. Dolphin friendly tinned tuna fish.

There is more of course.

Coaching targets

At this stage, I feel that spiritual coaching truly works for happiness, life force and connectedness targets. The overall goal is simply to harmonize the mind and stimulate the flow of life power in all aspects of your life. This in itself will naturally increase your level of connectedness and overall life satisfaction.




Within the coaching space, I believe we will naturally touch on practices, awareness and knowledge, modern concepts of prosperity and as well ideas related with world action which is linked with the idea of spiritual intelligence.

At this stage, the area of magic powers has a big question mark on it. (ask me why)

The area of organizations is not centered on the individual. It's really on the very limits of what we are treating here.