Are you supposed to abandon yourself? – ARTICLE

Of course, not!

You must stay in charge of your life.

Love stories develop because 2 persons decide to go for it.

If you are the only one investing in this, it won’t work!

You feel like you are carrying all the responsibility to make it happen.

Trying harder can work in some isolated cases but most of the times, what works even better is to let the guy take initiative too.

Let him invest in this as well!

If he takes steps, you follow up but you don’t invest way more than he does.

You build your romantic dream as the story develops.

You don’t rush into it.

One more thing that you want to do:

Keep your options open!

What does that mean?

It means that instead of focusing all your energy on one guy, you invest time and energy in other men too.

That way, if the first one rejects you, you don’t end up with nothing.

These are safeguard tactics!
You only let go of other options once it is clear that you are both ready for a solid commitment.

If you are committed to him and he is not, you end up giving way more to this potential relationship than he does.

This is exactly where you must be careful.

You are emotionally committed to him when you start behaving as if you were already in a relationship with that guy.

In other terms, you reject other offers, you don’t respond to party invitations, you stay at home hoping that he will call.

All these are signs of an emotional commitment.

And that emotional commitment becomes an emotional dead end if your crush doesn’t respond to your expectations.

What’s the alternative?

It is business as usual!

You don’t change your plans because you met a guy.

You were planning to go on a date with someone else?

You go for it!

You were about to leave to a trip with some friends?

Don’t cancel! Enjoy your trip!

Your boss wants to send you to New York for some training?

Don’t hesitate! Go!

Staying emotionally free is an attitude you train!

It is a conscious decision.

You take that decision because you know what happens when you don’t:

You end up trapped!

Remember! Business as usual!

Don’t change a thing because a guy asked for your number or took you out on one date.