Can the spiritual quest isolate you or make you lonely? – ARTICLE

Let’s take the example of yoga.

Yoga is still in the process of finding its roots in the west.

If you look at Judo, this martial art has been popular in the west for much longer.

Maybe 50 years ago, when you would practice Judo, you would tend to marginalize yourself.

Nowadays, practicing judo or any martial art has become main stream.

It still did not reach the popularity of “western” sports like basketball or football, but there are millions of martial arts adepts around the world and many of these martial arts did receive the “Olympic games seal”.

Yoga goes through the same growth process.

20 years ago, there might have been 1 out of a 1000 persons who had tried yoga in the west. 20 years later, it might be 1 out of 10 or 20.

In a way, yoga is not yet 100% main stream.

It is however getting there and becoming more and more “trendy”.

If you want to feel totally connected with your environment, you need to link with main stream cultural trends.

For instance, if you are a teenager, this means connecting with the R & B or Hip Hop culture.

Check out what is truly attracting crowds in your city or country.

Now, if you like yoga and want to feel connected at the same time, you can link with a larger community.

There are dozens of online forums on this topic.

You can participate to events, workshops, trainings.

You can link with like minded people more actively.

There are always places where you can connect.

You simply need to give it more focus.

The next step is to break through spiritually and connect with deeper spiritual realizations.

When you practice yoga, the goal is to break through layers of awareness and connect with a totally unified source of energy in yourself.

You can feel isolated as long as you did not yet fully break through.

If you were in The Himalayas by yourself, in the mountains for a few months, you would step by step realize that there is no such thing as isolation.

You can create this sense of inner unity where you are right now.

You are connected all the time, even when you can’t perceive it.

The long term goal of yoga is to recreate this sense of unity with all life on this planet.

The moment you feel this, all sense of isolation drops and you do feel connected.

If you want to develop this sense of total inner unification with all life, you need to trust your instinct and connect with a source of inspiration and get some techniques.

With some focus and awareness, you eventually get there.