Dare to be sexy! – ARTICLE

There is no vulgarity in being sexy.

There is nothing cheap about it.

Being sexy is your way of putting yourself in your best good light.

How can you be sexy?

It is very simple actually:

Next time you go shopping for clothes, choose something sexy rather than comfortable.

The moment you do, you stretch slightly your natural limit. You dare.

You dare to show your body in a different light.

You color your being with this special touch of attraction.

Guys love it.

If you go shopping with a boyfriend he’ll always end up pushing you for buying more sexy stuff.

Shorter skirt, shorter sleeves, open, colorful.

If this is what guys go for, what stops you giving it to them?


Remove doubts, hesitations and preconceptions and bring the best out of you.

This is about life force.

It’s not even about sex.

It is about radiance and shining.

It is about waking up this extra glimpse of inner refinement which will show in your smile and confidence.

You don’t want to hide.

You want to show your beauty.

To do this you want extra power and confidence.

You want to dare and simply show yourself in your best light.

There is competition for attention.

Other girls might react to your presence.

They might get jealous or challenge you.

It is a battle. No doubt about it.

You need to create your dating body.

Your dating body is your role.

It is the vehicle you use when you go out or meet a guy for a drink.

It is you!

There is nothing artificial about it.

You play the game.

It’s simple.

You don’t want to hide.

You want to show yourself and consciously step out of your comfort zone.

You are ready for a new picture.

You want to reach beyond this territory.

You want to take an extra step.

You want to take risks!