“In 2008 I shared a car ride with this fantastic vibrant man along with another woman who drove us to Esalen.

On this trip Shiva activated me into the realm of coaching.

This was and remains his field of work and was my first time meeting a life coach.

I was left incredibly curious asking more questions at dinner. So much so that I eventually booked a package of 6 or 8 coaching sessions with him once I returned home to Cambridge, MA, where I was living at the time.

What I discovered in these sessions changed my life forever.

During my first session, I took a test that rated my effectiveness in major areas of life. At the time I was a full time yoga teacher on the road to success with my career. However I scored a 1 (low score) on having FUN in my life. I was shocked! This does not mean to point to yoga being fun or not. I still practice yoga and teach groups via workshops and programs. Creating that unified high vibration is awesome. Not to mention the healing benefits and inner power that it delivers.

The point of my story is that I had a blind spot that I was clueless about. This guy helped me and I am forever grateful to him for this. This is the power of having a coach… they help get you present to the blind spots that you have so that you can create a new outcome. One that you love and crave deep inside but just don’t have access to. A skilled mentor or coach helps you unlock the doors/walls that you feel limited by.

The funny thing is that we believe every thought that we have in our head is dead shit real. I’m here to tell you…


They are made up of your opinions, other people’s opinions, society, your mom, dad, family, friends, marketing, TV, and so on… It’s time. It’s time to Spring clean your head. Start emptying out the judgements that you have about others (especially if you are right). Being right does not mean that you are right. It’s a trap that keeps you from taking responsibility of your situation with other people. It’s a huge energy drain that prevents you from living your life purpose/your why or being happy.

Thank you Shiva Rajaya and beautiful friend!!! You guys are illuminating deep wisdom of the dance of feminine and Masculine! Bravo!”