I am calling in higher powers and forces to come and help this human evolution to a higher octave.

May the shadows be cleared and our pathways as a human race be aligned with the higher purpose for the planet and humankind.

We need help for this plan to manifest on this planet and I am offering my being as a Channel of Truth for this to manifest on Earth.

May the planet and humankind wake up to their Highest Potential and may this moment in our evolution be marked by the seal of Truth, Beauty, Love and Awakening.

The human race is powerful and it is time for us to access our awakened Destiny Line

There is no holding back!

May the pure light of Galactic Sacret Wisdom guide our steps!

May the beings that are watching our evolution engage their Magic and Power and start positively influencing our destiny and future!

Make it happen!

We want to wake up now!

The time has come!