Finding a powerful man is a big challenge for women

The truth is that probably 90% of men out there have little clue what they are doing!

Or they might master a small aspect of the courting game!

They might be ok with conversation and attraction but might be insecure when it comes to taking the lead!

Or they might neglect her after a first date!

Or they might be lousy kissers!

Or be out of shape!

Or have deep unsolved emotional baggage!

You don’t need to be perfect but at least be good on most of these things!

If she’s not attracted to you, chances are that you score low in some of these core male skills!

Stop emotionally begging for her approval and instead figure out exactly what’s missing in your game!

What are the exact qualities that she needs that you are not expressing!

In most cases, guys score low in presence and power!

The next thing is being interesting, intriguing!

Girls want to be surprised!

They want to be taken to unexpected places in their conversations!

They want to have fun!

They want to be seen!

They want to be be nurtured!