Girls want you to succeed

This is the key!

Girls want you to show up!

They want you to succeed!

She gives you all these tests, challenges you, plays hard to get or misleads you!

But deep inside she wants you win!

She wants you to access her!


Because she craves for a connection with the energy that you carry!

Do you have any idea how fulfilling it is for a woman to be in the presence of a powerful man?

How nurturing it is for her to drop her weapons in the presence of a guy who won’t mess up when she opens herself?

She can only do that if you express the alpha presence, because this power that you manifest gives her protection!

Every woman craves for these qualities and instead of finding them, she has to deal with the traditional insecure, ungrounded, uncomfortable approach!

She has to go through interview like conversations that bore her!

When a guy shows up and owns his power, attraction and connection happen instantly!

Women are looking for guys who can lead when they are on a date, who know how to touch her, kiss her, talk to her, be fun, strong and confident!

That’s the secret!

Women want you to succeed!

They want you to show up!