Got fired? – ARTICLE

Job loss can be both one of the most traumatic experiences in your life or the best thing which ever happened to you.

The key power you need to wake up in this situation is your survival drive.

Your life and survival are in danger.

Your personal foundation is challenged.

Again, it is an attack on your stability and security.

Getting fired is a crisis.

In a crisis, you need short term solutions.

On the material base level, it is okay to respond by building temporary support structures.

A job loss creates extra pressure on your system.

This inner pressure that you feel is precisely your survival drive waking up.

It is the need to keep on going no matter what.

That’s your instinct.

You have plenty of it you.

Keep your head clear and stay awake!

You are in a battle situation.

Design strategies to overcome the crisis and on the long term empower your personal foundation.

A crisis is like being in the middle of a storm.

Search deeper into your survival resources.

You have plenty of them.

Now is the time to wake them up and bring them to the surface.

Bankruptcy, financial crisis or professional challenges, all fall in the same category.

Your personal foundation is under attack.

Defend your territory.

Wake up your survival drive and do whatever it takes to stay master of your life.

You can loose big chunks of your territory, but the core of your being remains untouched.

That’s your core.

That’s your essence.

That’s your being, your true identity.

What you lost in the battle is a temporary vehicle.

It can be a business, a property or other assets.

What matters is that you, in the core of your being are still there.

Do you realize that once everything would be gone around you, your spirit would still remain untouched.

There is an essence of life force in you which won’t go anywhere.

It is in your body and in your mind.

This core is the key essence from where anything can start again.

This is your source of life force.

That’s your original source of energy.

You always stay master of it.

No one can take it away from you.

Concentrate your power back and let go of what you lost.

No need to invest in a lost battle.

The moment your get fired you can fight for your rights.

Do of course what you can and then let go.

Put it this way: your past job is now in the past.

It is part of your past, not your future.

When a door closes, there is always a new one opening somewhere else.

Where is your open door?

If you stay focused in the past you might the new opportunities.

Let go and focus on what is in your future.

Go and find it!

Dare to let go!

Think out of the box!

Don’t try to hold on something you no longer control.

Focus on what lies ahead, not what lies behind.