He is happy to have sex with me but doesn't want to commit – Why? – TIP

Here are a few possible reasons for that:

  • You are in competition with other women.
That’s reality! Both men and women have other options and for him to commit to you, you need to be number one in his mind. 
  • He wants freedom and simplicity in his life.
Being in a committed relationship is a big step! Many men prefer freedom rather than commitment.
  • He is not a good match for you.
This one is subtler… I believe that YOU have a destiny line and for a reason or another this guy is not right for you – That’s a “No match” – You need to aim higher or somewhere else.
  • He is still a bit immature.
This one is more for younger guys – He enjoys the party life with his mates and the idea of letting that go to shift his life to a new committed model is not an option right now.
  • He doesn’t want responsibility or being a provider.
That can especially be true if he knows you want marriage and he sees that he will have to provide for a family. Some guys simply don’t want that responsibility.
Something that you can do is challenge him!
You can say something like:
“Would you agree that we aren’t in a committed relationship?”
“Does that mean that we are both free to date other people?”
“I just want to make sure you won’t be offended the day I go on dates with other guys… I have been asked more than once… I will start saying yes soon”
Letting him realize that you won’t wait for him might trigger a reaction in him.
That’s an ultimatum that makes him realize that he will lose you soon unless he changes his attitude.