Help! I have a crush! – ARTICLE

There is a huge misunderstanding in our world!

It is the way society glorifies being in love!

Well, glorifying the being in love is good!

It is a beautiful thing!

What is less exciting and leads to LOTS of pain is the fact that abandoning yourself in these feelings is supposed to be good!

It’s not!


Look at a close girl friend when she is in love?

What do you see?

Do you see someone who is happy, singing, enjoying having a crush?

Or do you see someone who is worried and deeply troubled?

My guess is that it can be both.

Now, in my coaching practice I get lots of women who are deeply troubled!

They are confused because they have a crush and the object of their crush, a man, is not responding to them the way they want to.

They have this gorgeous romantic vision of what their love could be and reality does not match that vision!

That’s the challenge!

That’s the situation so many women face!

They are in love but hurt and worried inside!