How can I develop my “qi” or life force? – ARTICLE

Here are a few ideas on life force and how it works in your system.

The moment you feel tired, it’s because there is a gap.

This gap can be related to lack of energy or misuse of energy.

If you have lots of energy, you can still waste it and simply direct it in ways which are not profitable.

For instance, if you are very tense and stressed, you burn lots of energy. You don’t sleep well and basically feel drained on an energy level.

So, the first step is to harmonize what is there and gain back control over your life and mind territory.

Sometimes, you feel drained and tired because your space is controlled or constricted by others.

You don’t know how to protect yourself and energy simply flows out of you.

You end up drained and tired.

Once you harmonize your system and gain back control over your life, the next step is to establish a healthy life style.

Think of what you eat.

Think of what comes in your body.

If you are craving for energy and feel hungry, you can give your body a high energy snack, for instance a muesli bar, a fresh or dried fruit, etc.

This will instantly give you an energy boost.

In most cases, feeling low in energy has to do with the obvious.

It has to do with diet, lack of exercise or lack of excitement for your life’s targets and daily activities.

These are the obvious solutions.

This is where you want to start.

Now, if we step beyond that and look at other ways of building up energy, you can do this by connecting with nature.

For instance, if you are outdoor, walking bare feet on the sand or grass will instantly reconnect you with natural sources of energy in and around you.

If you are locked in a room with no oxygen, you naturally crave for energy.

Next step is about activating your inner flow of life force.

What works best is any form of martial art technique, breathing techniques, yogic postures, etc.

If you focus on meditation techniques, it’s the mind you will activate.

If you focus on physical techniques, it is your physical and etheric body your will activate.

If you want to instantly increase your energy level, use a dynamic breathing technique or any physical movement which activates the flow of energy in your body.

When you train, move or exercise, you naturally invoke the flow of life force in your body.

There is often no need to tap into the spiritual or supernatural.

If you go directly to the obvious (healthy diet and some exercise), you will usually give your body all the energy it needs.

If there is still an energy gap, start checking your daily activities.

Are you excited by your day and what you do?

If you focus on activities and projects you are thrilled about, you will naturally manifest a higher level of energy in your system.

Motivation and excitement works on the mind level.

Focusing on exciting targets simply releases any mental blockages and allows your energy to flow.

It can take a few weeks of focus to actually understand what happens in your system on an energy level.

The first step is to find answers and identify exactly what is missing:

  • Motivation?
  • High energy food?
  • Vitamins?
  • Life purpose?
  • Exciting life targets?
  • Feeling drained by people or your environment?
  • Etc.

Once you have an idea of what is missing start giving your body or mind what it needs.

If you lack physical energy, shift your diet and do some exercise.

If you lack motivation, change your life targets and focus on goals you are truly excited about.

If all this works fine, then focus on the next level: breathing techniques and Qi building martial arts techniques.

Most people who face an energy gap, look too far.

They tend to focus on wanting to change their energy level by using their will power only through some form of concentration technique.

In most cases best results will be reached by having an impact directly on the physical (change of diet or life style).

Suppose you want to lift a glass of water in the air.

You can try to use supernatural powers or you can simply use your hand.

If you focus on supernatural powers (telekinesis) you might eventually reach some results after years of effort and practice (No guarantee though J )

However, if you want direct and effective results, the best is still to use your hand.

Energy level in your body functions in the same way: if you feel tired, you can search for supernatural ways of connecting with invisible sources of energy or you can simply give your body some quality food and fresh air.

Usually, this is all it takes to get what you need.

There is nothing “supernatural” about it but it will give you everything you need.

It is simple common sense.