How intimate should you be when engaging in tantric play? – TIP

No need to rush things.

Tantric energy is something you build up progressively.

So unless you already know your tantric partner really well, you can go very slowly in the beginning.

You can start with meditating together, massaging each other’s bodies, practicing energy techniques like dancing and synchronized breathing.

It’s essential that both you and your tantric partner feel totally safe and that your session evolves in a spirit of playfulness.

Realize as well, that you can have VERY profound sensual experiences without engaging in intimate exchange.

Steps like kissing, lingam or yoni massage or intercourse can be taken even after a few sessions with a given partner.

You don’t even need to go that way, for instance if you already sexually exclusive with someone else.

Sexual craving might mislead you in this tantric sex quest.

You might believe that you need intercourse when in fact, what you want is energy connection and a lighter form of intimacy.

I guess you get it, right?

You can stay in these foreplay stages for weeks or months with someone without ever engaging in deeper intimacy.

These light intimacy experiences experiences can be totally fulfilling by themselves.

If you are not sure how far you should go, start with very small steps and keep checking with your play partner.

You will feel the energy naturally guiding you in the right direction.