How to avoid the fanaticism trap – ARTICLE

If you hear someone saying: “this is the absolute and only truth!” wake up and see it as a warning sign!

There isn’t a unique truth!

Truth is an inner belief and conviction which helps you take the next step along your spiritual evolution.

It is crystallized as a given mind set in space and time.

It is still a mind set! It is still part of human creation.

You can be exclusive if you want to but always keep in mind the bigger picture.

Tolerance and respect are a must!

The planet and the human race can’t do without it.

We are in a point in time where it’s not about winning over another movement or another system of beliefs.

Active confrontation is a lost cause.

You want and need harmony!

You want spiritual synergy!

You want everyone to win!

Spirituality and religions must evolve beyond the limits of the past.

There is a new way opened into the future which does not limit your mind ever.

It limits no one!

It stays open on every possible human direction and experience and simply states that you choose your own truth and so does everyone else.

Respect and synergy are at the core of any further step.

The number one reason you might get stacked in your spiritual development has to do with lack of wisdom with using the power and awareness you receive.

There is a path of unification building up on this planet.

This path gives space, integrity and autonomy to your individuality.

There is no reason to limit yourself within a limiting mind set you don’t want to embrace. You are free!!!
No one can force concepts or ideas into your mind.

You are the one who chooses your own truth and mind sets.

Don’t try to control anyone else’s either.

You don’t have to convince or promote.

You don’t have to force your ideas into other people.

If you feel someone could take some help from you, ask them for permission and wait for their answer:

Suppose you have a friend who could use a bit of help from you. You can say something like:

“Look, I can see that you are having a hard time right now. I have a couple of tools that I feel could help you. Would you like me to give you a hand with that?”

If he/she says yes, go ahead.

If the answer is no, respectfully step back.

You can’t force an idea into someone’s mind.

The key values into today’s spiritual development field are freedom and respect.

They are the key pillars which can guide your actions.