This one is for men who date, are married or connected with a specific type of entitled women.

The entitled princess is a shadow archetype.

She is beautiful, nasty, easily triggered, entitled, mean, bitchy.

She will tend to snap easily at you and express various levels of aggressive energy and abusive behaviors towards you.

This is not all she is of course.

A part of her might be kind and gentle, loving, delicious, smart and so much more.

We all have shadow aspects so this is not to condemn any woman, it’s just to highlight a very specific character trait, how to handle it and master your energetic response to it.

If you are romantically connected with a woman who expresses this archetype, here are a few possible options:


You discover ways of navigating these dynamics without being touched.

You activate your emotional ninja powers and play with her aggressive or nasty waves.

You see it as a sexy trait.

Basically you discover how to enjoy this aspect of her shadows.


You sit down and have a chat.

You bring it up by saying things like:

“Listen, I’m facing a challenge in our dynamics, when is a good time to sit down and have a check-in?”

“The other day, when I asked you if you wanted to go for dinner, what was your response? Do you recall? What do you notice about how you responded to me?”

“How do you think your response made me feel?”

“How would you feel if you asked me a question and I respond with…”

“What do you feel we could do about it?”


These conversations can quickly escaltate to full conflict and create separation.

There might be complete denial on her side.

She might blame you.

She might give you excuses or tell you, you are too sensitive.

The ideal response from her would be:

“Oh whaou! I didn’t even realize I was snapping at you! Thanks for letting me know! I can see how my response made you feel! I’ll be nicer to you in the future!”

This means that she sees her flaws and is open to evolve.


This one is really cool!

Teasing her on behaving like an entitled princess can be fun for both of you.

It can bring lightness and flow.

Using this hashtag #BENICE in texts with a smiley face when she crosses the line is a great way to bring back kindness.

If she snaps at you face to face or is being harsh, point your finger at her and say with playful threat “Hey! Be nice!”


That’s always the choice between trying to influence her or letting her fully express her shadows.

If you try to get her to change, it might be easy if she’s a good shape-shifter or exhausting if she has no idea how to evolve.

Especially if you’re in the early stages of your connection, you will often face some kind of shadow dynamics.

You need battle plans and effective strategies to consciously design your relationship’s container.

If you let her be and walk all over you, it might create a toxic field that sabotages your connection.


If the abuse gets intense, give her a signal that it’s a deal breaker for your connection.

For instance if you meet her for a date and she gets aggressive without reason, you can stand up and say “I’m an amazing guy who loves you! I have zero desire to be exposed to this kind of energy right now. I will see you later”.

It’s ok to stand up and leave.

It’s ok to remove yourself before it escalates into a fight.

It’s ok to tell her:

“Listen, I don’t think it’s gonna work between us. I’m experiencing way too much toxicity projected in my field right now! I want our connection to be based on love and kindness and I can clearly see it’s not happening…”


Just say “Are you ok? You feel stressed…”

Take her in your arms and give her a hug.

What’s really going on?

Why is she tense?

Why is she really projecting aggressive energy towards you?


To summarize, I would definitely bring it up.

She might be completely unaware of her behavior.

Have a “serious” chat about it once or twice and if it happens again tease her with the #BENICE hashtag or a playful threat like “I’m gonna lock you in the fridge until you cool down”.

Use a combination of these various tactics.


Victimizing is the worst possible response.

Access the mature masculine and communicate from a place of calm power!


You’re a powerful warrior and mastering these dynamics is easy.

If you feel you’re not emotionally equipped to deal with it, develop new emotional ninja skills to optimize your response.

Move fast!

Shift strategies!

Engage into the challenge!

This is an art form!

This is an opportunity for growth and expansion!

Maybe that’s why she challenges you!

To help you access the deeper parts of your being.

Can you see it?


Message me for a coaching call if you can’t master these dynamics alone. I’ll be happy to help you.