How to develop a magnetic personality – ARTICLE

Developing a magnetic personality is truly the core of being successful in flirting and in the dating scene.

Here is what you can do to develop your magnetism:

Magnetism comes from a sense of enjoyment for life.

The moment you express your emotions, are outgoing and fun to be with, you naturally generate these waves of excitement around you and guys do click on it.

In fact you make dozens of choices every day:

· What you read

· What you think

· Your job or studies

· Small talk topics

· Areas of interest

· Etc.

As soon as you meet someone, it is truly easy to smile, right?

This is not a projection of some form of superficial positivism.

Joy and pleasure are very powerfully attractive forces.

This dimension of seductive mystery is in you.

You can stay subtle with that.

Joy, and fun don’t have to be loud.

You can enjoy in a subtle way and project waves of fun and pleasure around you.

Guys connect with this.

They respond to life force.

They respond to what you radiate.

Sure, looks, and personality are central as well.

Now, there is a more subtle message your being radiates.

It has to do with health, inner vitality, inner freshness.

If you feel energized and vital inside, you naturally reflect these qualities on the people you meet.

This means that a balanced life is the core of your attractive power.

Your personality is a space you build and conquer step by step.

Guys do respond to a whole set of qualities your radiate when you meet them.

You already know what these qualities are.

All you need to do is free them in you.