How to tease a man – ARTICLE

When you tease, you are not aggressive.

You find a weak point in the person and you challenge him.

It is playful and it is an invitation for him to tease you back.

Teasing is a play between two minds.

Teasing is your second most important tool after your smile and eye contact.

If you know how to tease, you are already good at flirting.

If you don’t know how to tease, practice on some friends. Play teasing games.

A few sessions with your coach can as well help you train these skills.

Teasing skills is something you can learn. It is like finding a connection within a conversation and moving away from serious topics.

Teasing is fun. It is fun for both sides.

It breaks the ice.

It is light and non aggressive.

You don’t want to hurt anyone. You simply want to lighten up and bring the connection to a playful ground.

Teasing is playful!

The first reflex when you want to flirt is to tease.

Here is a way to start teasing a guy:

If he has a perfect body and he knows it, you can tease him on any other aspect of his body or anything related with him training hard.

Here is what you can say:

“So, do you have a life outside the gym?”

“Is it true that guys with big muscles have no brain?”

“How do you actually take your steroids? With a shake in the morning or do you inject them in your but?”

Be confident when you tease.

Try it a few times and experiment with it.

If you get it wrong one time, forgive yourself and perfect your technique.

If you do it often, you’ll be excellent at it.

The truth is that connections with guys become immensely fun when you can break the ice any time in any situation.

Here is another example:

Suppose the guy you flirt with has loads of money and it is obvious.

Here is what you can say:

“Every time I meet a rich guy, he is incredibly bored with his life. Are you bored with your life?”

“Have you ever had a real job?”

You show him one thing: you don’t take his money too seriously.

You break the ice, slightly challenge him and make your connection exciting from the start.

If you don’t know where to start with teasing a man, take these couple of examples and imagine other lines.

Once you have a couple of ideas, you activate your “teasing skill”.

The next step is to find a victim and give it a try.

A couple of things to remember about teasing: challenge him only on aspects of his personality or life that he can truly take.

For instance, don’t tease him about a painful divorce, a car crash or anything he seems to hurt about.

When you tease him, don’t be aggressive or jealous.

You want to break the ice and reach him, not create a fight or an argument.

The general tone is playful confidence.

This is what you want to project.

Enjoy the game!