How to use your smile – ARTICLE

Flirting starts with a simple smile.

A smile is on the inside and on the outside.

A smile is an emotion your project. It is the expression of what you feel inside.

You can’t cheat with it.

It tells everyone exactly how you feel.

Your emotions are a channel of energy.

The art of smiling is the art of clearing this channel and projecting forward an accomplice invitation.

Smiling goes far beyond the surface.

Smiling is a mind set you design in yourself.

You decide when an how to smile.

A smile is an inner posture.

It is an attitude you take consciously.

It is aimed at establishing a very specific connection with your environment.

Your smile is your first communication tool.

It is your first flirting skill.

It impacts on those who look at you and wakes up their desire to connect with you.

When you smile, you dare.

You send a message which says:

· Want to chat?

· You look like an interesting person

· I am attracted

· I want to connect

· I am happy

· I am confident

· I know what I want

· Etc.

A man who sees you smile will perceive all this diversity of emotions waking up in him.

It is whole universe of feelings you can project in this simple glimpse.

Your smile is a window into your emotions.

It tells a man exactly where you are at.