Identify the right timing when connecting with a man you are attracted to – ARTICLE

Successful flirting is a lot about rhythm and timing.

If you catch a man when his mind is very busy, you might not get the response you were expecting.

You need to be aware of right timing and context.

If a man is surrounded by his mates, it is usually harder to establish a connection.

Why is that?

Because his circle of friends will check you out as well.

This does not mean you must not flirt with a man who is with his friends.

Simply feel into it and be aware that will power, determination and assertiveness are sometimes not enough to break though and establish a connection with a man.

Flirting is a game and this game has a certain natural rhythm and flow.

Once you are good at it, I believe you can drop any limitation.

In the early stages, make it easier on you though.

Here are some examples of how the right timing can help you establish this connection with a man you fancy.

Wrong timing:

· When he is obviously busy with something important

· When he is working

· When he is already chatting or having a conversation with someone

Good timing:

· Just after he smiled to you

· When you are both waiting on a line (Theaters, shops, supermarkets)

· Parties and social events

· On the dance floor

These are not rigid rules.

Playing with timing and context is like playing with the waves when you are surfing.

If you catch a good flirting wave, you’ll naturally be taken to your destination.

There is a spirit of flirting.

Tune into that spirit and go with the flow.