Is it okay to initiative contact with men? – ARTICLE

Guys can be intimidated when you take too much the lead or if you are impatient for things to move on.

It shakes them within their comfort and they feel challenged.

Initiative is excellent though.

Once you make a move, step back and give him space to respond.

Remember, you want to wake up positive feelings in him.

This is not about wrestling with his mind. It is about establishing an open and freeing connection.

This sense of freedom and openness must be present in your attitude and intention.

There is no sense of aggression, pressure, demand or challenge in your attitude.

It is actually the total opposite.

Teasing is different.

It is not an assertive attack.

You give him space to respond and you play with emotions and feelings waking up the pleasure and laughter side of it.

The teasing game is fair only if it’s two sided.