Is this about the sport’s car? – ARTICLE

No, it isn’t!

What’s happening is much deeper than that.

A sport’s car is just the way your mind interprets the quest for more power.

When you drive a sports car, you feel in control and you sit on a xxxx horse power engine.

This is how you want to feel in life!

You want it to take off, fly, be thrilling, exciting and challenging!


Because your fighting spirit is waking up!

Life tends to become too comfortable after a while.

Specially if you took now the father or husband role and this became the center of your life.

What about the conqueror, the hunter, the challenger or the passionate lover?

There are so many aspects of your being which need channels of expression.

The fact that you just passed the 40’s milestone does not mean that you have to give up on these “fire values”.

It means that you need to find new ways of expressing your power and feeling totally thrilled by what you experience daily.

What gives you thrill is exciting targets.

Your mind is looking for new targets!

Find out what they truly are!

I encourage you to look beyond the limits of material satisfaction or sexual performance (even though they definitely can be part of the story J)