"Jealous girlfriend – She believes I am checking out girls ALL the time – when I'm really not" – FORUM POST

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“I read your book on Jealous women and EVERYTHING applies.

She believes I am checking out girls ALL the time – when I’m really not.

She’s accused me of things that I’m not even doing; she believes I’m going back to my ex when I am ABSOLUTELY NOT.

It’s gotten so crazy lately that she has told me that I cannot initiate ANY conversation with a girl. Period.

And if they come up to me, I have to be rude and walk away. I have not spoken to platonic female friends for several months at her request (I know). Otherwise that is flirting and by her definition “flirting is cheating”.

I am in sales and of course I meet women (and men) every day and I have to make friendly conversation; she takes this as flirting. We can’t go 1 week without fighting – and it’s ALWAYS my fault. My question is this: she refuses to go to counseling; we just had another big fight because I refuse to follow this “don’t talk to ANY girl” rule.

How do I get her to see that she has the problem and not me?
Should I send her a copy of your book?

I am so tired of the drama and the fighting that I’m ready to let her go.

But I do love her and am willing to try to avoid this, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.”

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