Join forces – ARTICLE

To solve a crisis you want to find new sources of power.

These sources of power have one basic role: protect your mind space.


Where can you connect with new sources of power?

Inside yourself!

This is the first place where you will find extra resources of energy.

You have an infinite resource of energy in you in the form of instinctual powers.

This is what we call survival drive or conquering drive.

It is your ability to fight to defend yourself.

After years of education and conditioning, your natural connections with these sources of power tend to be overlapped or sent to sleep.

The idea is to wake them up again.

Wake up your power!

Wake up your survival instinct!


By connecting with nature or challenging yourself.

Anything which involves physical activity will wake up a new set of resources in you.

Do some power training.

Pick up a challenging nature sport.

Stretch your limits.

It is instinctual.

It is the waking up of your fighting power.

Do whatever it takes to go beyond your present limits.

You want to reach out for new sources of energy.

You have them in you!

Find them!

Another way to connect with new sources of power is to join forces.

Literally, you create battle alliances.

Your mind is your territory.

You can reinforce your power by partnering with external forces.

Sharing strong mutual support with a partner for instance gives you an extra kick of energy.

You can get the same type of extra kick by talking with some friends or connecting with your family.

You can as well strengthen your power by gaining new skills and shifting your mind set.

For instance, the moment you design new boundaries, you’ll naturally protect your space.

You might tell your boss: “Look I know this has to be done but I won’t take work home tonight. It’s 5 pm. I’m done for today.”

You can design the same type of boundaries for yourself as well if you have your own business.

Your life is a subtle ecosystem of energies.

Your mind needs a basic amount of resources, power and harmony to survive.

This is the base of your emotional foundation.

The moment you cross a limit and run out of energy, it is your whole emotional foundation which gets challenged.

You simply run out of energy.

An extra external pressure kick might create an overload any time.

This is why it is essential to protect yourself.

You have a resource of power. It is your right to defend your territory. Use this power!