Let go of what you can’t control – ARTICLE

Suppose you get upset about something happening on the other side of the planet.

You can stay within this frustrated state of mind and get extremely drained because of it.

Take this example: your partner takes off on a trip and has an affair on the other side of the world.

Can you change that?

You can’t, right?

It is happening.

What can you do about it?

Nothing! It is beyond your control.

What will you do then?

You might reach to your wallet, take this picture of her and tear it up.

When you tear up her picture, you emotionally disinvest from her.

You were emotionally invested in her.

You tear up her picture. You disinvest.

In fact you gain back control over your territory.

You send a clear message by doing that: “I get her out of my mind”.

This is what you do, right?

You tear up her picture and by doing that, you symbolically remove the power she had over your life.

You will of course first test it out.

You will find out what is truly happening.

If she confirms the “message” by saying she wants to break up, you’ll go ahead and do it: clear the traces of her presence in your life.

The moment you do, you’ll feel relieved.

You let go and get your full power back by tearing up her picture.

You claim back your own independence and total freedom.

The power you had over the relationship is gone.

You decide to let go and free yourself from it.

Can you see how it works?