1. In ancient times, ‘neath the glistening Grecian sun,
    Lived Aphrodite, the goddess, love’s very emblem.
  2. She beheld Adonis, the mortal, second to none,
    In his beauty she found a precious, rare gem.
  3. His charm was a melody, sweet and profound,
    A song that Aphrodite’s heart yearned to sing.
  4. In his eyes, a mystery, deep and unbound,
    Their shared glances, a dance in love’s own ring.
  5. Love blossomed ‘midst the olive trees and the roses,
    Under the boundless azure of the Aegean skies.
  6. Aphrodite’s heart, with love, Adonis proposes,
    The echo of their whispers, the gods’ only prize.
  7. Every moment spent, a testament to passion’s might,
    Each stolen kiss beneath the soft lunar light.
  8. Yet, mortal was he, a truth she couldn’t fight,
    Love, ever ephemeral, like the fleeting night.
  9. But in the canvas of the gods, love has no end,
    Their tale is sung by poets, to hearts it shall mend.
  10. In each other’s arms, their spirits blend,
    A love story of Aphrodite and Adonis, love’s legend.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind