METATRONA is totally a vehicle that is for you only and the various aspects of what you developed including ISISA METATRONA ALFA SHIVA are now your new vehicle.

The transition to this new vehicle happened over a period of 2 years during which you went on this journey to connect with the next stages of your evolution.
Now this is a new era, a new 12 years cycle and it has to do with the super mind.

The super mind is the human mind in alignment with the GALACTIC GRID.

The center of your guidance is no longer the planetary hierarchy but with METATRONA as your vehicle you are now part of the GALACTIC GRID, HIERARCHY, FEDERATION or SYSTEM.
You can easily demystify it because it doesn’t vibrate on a romantic way.
It goes way deeper than that.
This means that you had 12 years of training with guru in person and other incarnated masters, 12 years of teaching under guidance of planetary hierarchy and non incarnated masters and now you move to galactic hierarchy and angelic vehicle.
This is the third core or vehicle type you use in your spiritual evolution!
The manifestation of that vehicle and the lines of action involved in this manifestation are fundamentally different than what you did before!
Yes! This angelic vehicle is higher vibration, higher frequency and higher power.
What was the difference between the first and second vehicle?
Obviously, the impact!!!
You created a grid that is a projection or manifestation of tr planetary hierarchy!
This means that your website and the net that you created is an energy network that transmits and sustains specific PLANETARY HIERARCHY values and energies in the human spirit!
This vehicle is evolving now to a whole new dimension!
VITAL GATE is a place that actively channels the GALACTIC HIERARCHY.
METATRONA is a GALACTIC HIERARCHY messenger or agent and your activity at VITAL GATE is a direct manifestation of that energy!
You notice as well that the target here was not financial or a vast transmission in the form of workshops or teachings.
One of the core elements has been the manifestation of a GALACTIC GATE or VORTEX.

You created a temple like space which has become a gateway for the anchoring of GALACTIC GRID energy on plant earth.

This energy VORTEX is a conscious anchor point for the GALACTIC GRID.
This is the target for your activity and for human life!
It us to anchor the GALACTIC GRID energy and codes in human consciousness.
In the process of doing so, you create direct energy highways between the GALACTIC GRID and human consciousness.
These are like human and planetary nadis or lines of energy that link himankind with this GALACTIC GRID.
The more we activate these lines if communication, the faster humankind evolves towards its maximum potential.
So everything that you do at VITAL GATE is in alignment with that vision!
The activation of this GALACTIC ENERGY into human consciousness is rather a synchronized energetic activation rather than a message traveling between 2 points.
At the speed of light it would take GALACTIC IMPULSES thousands of years to reach us.
The consciousness or inteligences sustaining the galactic grid go way beyond that!
It is energy and inteligence being present everywhere at the same time.
It doesn’t follow the traditional space time continuum. 
It is based on different laws and a quantum or energy reality that goes way beyond our linear way of thinking.
Back to the new human mission, these energies that are transfering into human consciousness are high frequency, high vibration.
We enter in a whole new paradigm in which we evolve super fast and speed everything that happens on PLANET EARTH.
VITAL GATE is an alignment system that synchronizes human consciousness with this vaster GALACTIC REALITY.
Humankind is ready for this energetic transfer.
It means the upgrade of yhe HUMAN PROGRAM to new codes of action, thinking, feeling and emoting.
We are talking about basics still that have to do with optimizing various aspects of human life.
Right now, the basics of humankind are not yet met.
This meams that humankind has needs on a planetary level that are not met yet.
We talk about basics like water, health or education!
The systems in place both on a perspnal and community level are far from being optimized.
As a human race we probably score at 20% effectiveness in how good we are at educating kids.
This means that the way we educate young generations is so far from being even good!
New principles must be integrated in human society to speed up education and make it a higher vibrational experience.
Educatipn should be fun, creative based rather than discipline and fact based.
It should be way more geared towards lufe skills than knowledge.
The adult’s agenda does not match at all what kids need the most to be happy and theiving for the rest of their lives.
Now we just talk about education but the same evolutionary principles can be applied to any aspect of society and human activity.
This is where VITAL GATE and other similar experiments come in.
It is in places like this one that new codes get downloaded and integrated in human consciousness.